The Distributed

Implanted in Blockchain’s ecosystem, this open-ended collective is gonna keep tinkering with its machinations, a mixture of technological sophistications and cheerful provocations. The Distributed Gallery is not only a group of creation and reflection, but also a host and a nodal point to think about the mutations of any blockchain-based art.

In the Press

Chaos Machine makes the cover issue 60 of Neural magazine entilted "Blockchain. The trust Catalyst"

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Chaos Machine is presented in Berlin Art Link magazine : "Cryptocurrency-Inspired Art at Schinkel Pavillon"

Sofia Bergmann, Berlin Art Link Read the article

Chaos Machine is presented in ETH News : "‘Proof Of Work’ Exhibit To Visualize Blockchain Technology"

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On Dec. 16, the nascent market for what might be called cryptoart appeared to reach a new level when the hitherto-unknown Distributed Gallery announced the auction of “Ready Made Token,” a unique unit of a cryptocurrency that the gallery said was created by Richard Prince using technology from Ethereum, the network responsible for Ether.

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In mid-December, a website called The Distributed Gallery announced they were auctioning a single Ready-Made Token by Richard Prince that consisted of a single Ethereum token.

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Un autre événement survenu en ce début d’année permet toutefois de remettre en perspective les liens entre le marché de l’art et les crypto-monnaies. En s’autoproclamant la « première galerie spécialisée dans les œuvres d’art et les expositions basées sur la blockchain », la Distributed Gallery a lancé sur le marché son « premier projet » intitulé the Ready-Made Token, de Richard Prince.

Inès Boittiaux, Beaux Arts Magazine Read the article